56 Wuhan Imported Cases, Two Came from Indonesia

Imported Cases

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed several Chinese citizens who returned from Afghanistan tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday (11/7/2021), according to the Hubei provincial health commission, all cases were from incoming international flights. 52 of them were passengers who came from Afghanistan. According to information from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several people who recently returned from Afghanistan have been diagnosed with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and are asymptomatic.

Of the total 56 imported cases, 25 were confirmed positive for COVID-19. 22 confirmed cases flew to Wuhan from Afghanistan on July 2 and 2 others were confirmed to have come from Indonesian citizens on July 28 and July 5. According to the Health Authority, flights from Afghanistan, MF8008 also reported 30 asymptomatic cases. Another asymptomatic patient flew to Wuhan from Jakarta, Indonesia on July 5.
The foreign ministry also said that the returning Chinese were under quarantine and receiving medical treatment. However, it is not known whether they are currently in Wuhan. For some Chinese nationals who have volunteered to stay in Afghanistan, the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan has helped them receive the COVID-19 vaccine and will continue to provide the necessary assistance.Hubei province is heavily burdened with imported cases. The Hubei health authority said the province had received 34 asymptomatic cases from overseas countries including Pakistan, Indonesia to Afghanistan, most of the infected patients had recently returned from abroad