Not only submerging roads, Jakarta floods also inundated a number of areas with varying heights. Floods due to high intensity rainfall since Friday, February 19, 2021 in the early morning submerged a number of areas in DKI Jakarta.

In several areas, such as Cipinang Melayu Sub-District, East Jakarta, standing water reaches 1.5 meters, forcing residents to flee. Floods in Jakarta today have displaced hundreds of residents. A number of refugee camps in Cipinang Melayu Village include the Al Muhajirin Mosque, residents’ houses, SDI AI Hayatiniyah, Borobudur Mosque, RW 04 Refugee Tent, Al Abadiyah Mosque, Al Aniyah Mosque, 09/10 Morning Elementary School, village mosque, and Attabiin Mosque.

Inundation also occurred in four RT areas in Pondok Bambu Village, East Jakarta, around 40-70 centimeters. Then three RTs in Cipinang Utara Village, East Jakarta were inundated between 40-80 centimeters due to the overflow of Sunter River.

A total of 15 RT in Kampung Melayu were flooded with a height of 40-100 centimeters due to the overflow of the Ciliwung River. As for Rawa Terate Village, there are 4 RTs that were inundated with water with a height of 40-60 centimeters.

In West Jakarta, 5 RTs were affected by inundation including Rawa Buaya, Kali Angke, North Kedoya, and Tegal Alur with a height between 40-50 centimeters. Previously, the flood also submerged a number of public roads in Jakarta, so that joint officers had to divert traffic flow at a number of points.