Speeding Up Digital Transformation, Government to Introduce Electronic-Based Governance System

Electronic-Based Governance System
Electronic-Based Governance System

The Indonesian government is steadfast in its commitment to speeding up the country’s digital transformation. The latest move involves the approval of the Acceleration of Digital Transformation and Integration of National Digital Services. This new regulation, endorsed through Presidential Regulation no. 82/2023 by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), signifies a significant push toward enhancing digital services.

The primary focus of this regulation is to expedite the implementation of the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE Priorities) across nine government services, ensuring completion no later than the third quarter of 2023. The government’s decision reflects its dedication to delivering efficient and trustworthy public services, fostering an electronic-based government system, and consolidating comprehensive and integrated data for Indonesia.

In alignment with this initiative, the government is actively working to establish a high-performing bureaucracy and public services. There is a concurrent emphasis on reinforcing measures to prevent corruption and bolstering cybersecurity and information security frameworks to facilitate a seamless digital transformation.

To realize the integration of national digital services, the government is pushing ahead with the digital transformation through the implementation of the Priority SPBE Application. This prioritizes the integration and interoperability of various applications. The Priority SPBE Application encompasses both new and existing applications, with a minimum user base of 200,000 or a target user count.

The Priority SPBE Application is designed to support nine essential services, including education, health, social assistance, population administration, and state financial transactions. These services are integrated into a unified payment system, streamlining interactions with all financial service providers.

In the words of the regulation, “With responsibility delegated to the minister in charge of financial affairs,” highlighting the central role of financial governance in this transformative endeavor.

Other critical services covered by this initiative include government administration, seamlessly integrated with the state apparatus and basic personnel services. Additionally, there are provisions for public service portals and integrated SPBE infrastructure services, encompassing the national data center, intra-government network, government service link system, and cloud computing.

Furthermore, the One Data Indonesia service and integrated police services, including the issuance of driving licenses and event permits, fall under the jurisdiction of the Chief of the Indonesian National Police.

The comprehensive integration of SPBE is slated for completion no later than the third quarter of 2024. As part of this process, the government has entrusted Perum Peruri with the organization of the Priority SPBE Application. Perum Peruri’s responsibilities include identifying implementation challenges, understanding the needs of SPBE users, and devising effective solutions for a seamless digital transition.