Car Sales in April Drop Again


Car sales experienced a significant increase to sell 98,544 units last March. The sales are even the highest on record during the pandemic. However, car sales in April 2022 fell quite deeply. Last month, sales from factories to dealers (wholesales) nationwide only touched 82,877 units.

There was a decrease in car sales of 15,667 units or 15.9% compared to the previous month (March).

Meanwhile, sales from dealers to consumers (retail sales) also decreased by 8,350 units (9.3%) from 89,965 units in March 2022 to 81,165 units in April 2022. The decline in sales was due to several factors.

“The relaxation of PPnBM (Sales Tax on Luxury Goods) ends in March, then April is also the fasting month (the Eid holiday period),” said Chairman I of the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), Jongkie Sugiarto, quoted Thursday (19/5/ 22).

The government had indeed given a relaxation of PPnBM for new cars from March 2021 to March 2022 for cars with certain conditions. At that moment, the decrease in car prices reached a dozen to Rp. 60 million for the sedan type.

As a result, many consumers are interested in buying a new vehicle. However, after the policy was discontinued in April 2022, sales also declined.

Although there was a decrease in sales month to month (MtM), the year on year, or from April 2021 to April 2022, there was an increase. In April 2021 wholesales recorded 78,908 units, while in April 2022 it would be 82,877 units, meaning that there was an increase in sales of 3,969 units or 5%.

Meanwhile, from retail sales, there was also an increase from 79,502 units in April 2021 to 81,615 units in April 2022. This means that there was an increase of 2,113 units or 2.7%.

In addition, quarterly to quarterly (QtQ) there was also an increase. Wholesales in January-April 2021 were recorded at 265,934 units, while January-April 2022 were recorded at 346,849 units. There was a significant increase of 80,915 units or 30.4%.

Meanwhile, retail sales also rose from 257,958 units in January-April 2021 to 320,370 units in the same period this year. This means that the increase in retail sales reached 62,412 units or 24.2%.