Argentina Defeats France, Messi Officially Becomes the GOAT!

Argentina Defeats France, Messi Officially Becomes the GOAT!

Messi becomes the most phenomenal football athlete after successfully bringing his country, Argentina, to win the most prestigious cup title in the world. Argentina managed to come out as champions after beating France on penalties. With this result, Messi has won all the prestigious titles in the football world.

Argentina’s victory was obtained with difficulty because France put up very fierce resistance. The two teams exchanged 3 goals for 120 minutes of match time which in the end forced the match to go to a penalty shootout.

Through penalties, the Argentine national team managed to beat the French national team with a score of 4-2.
These results ensured that the Argentine national team became world champions for the third time in history.

This final party seemed to confirm Messi’s title as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). He managed to score two important goals for Argentina. He also managed to score the ball against H. Lloris during the penalty shootout.

With Messi winning the World Cup, the 35-year-old has managed to complete all the prestige titles during his illustrious career.

Individually, no footballer in history has been able to match Messi’s achievements even before he won the World Cup.

His success with the club and also the national team can be said to be almost perfect. While at Barcelona, Messi has contributed 10 La Liga titles, seven Spanish Super Cups, seven Copa Del Rey, four UEFA Champions League (UCL) Cups, and three UEFA Super Cup Cups.

When defending Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Messi has donated one Ligue 1 title and one Trophee des Champions.

At the national team level, Messi has contributed to one Copa America title and one Finalissima trophy. This series of titles have made Messi often referred to as one of the GOATs.

This victory is so sweet for Messi, who in 2014 was so close to winning the world cup. He has also previously expressed his desire to retire from the Argentina national team many times due to his team’s poor performance.

However, he persisted. It is the very right choice. Messi, this phenomenal footballer, managed to win the most prestigious football title in the world. He has officially become one of the most legendary footballers in the world!

Congratulations, Messi. Congratulations, Argentina.