Vacation Recommendation: Bromo Mountain


Thank God It’s Friday! Finally, we will enter the weekend. After a tiring week of work, tomorrow is the time to take a vacation and refresh yourself. However, do you already have plans and goals for traveling? If you are not, we will recommend a decent place that you will not regret, namely Mount Bromo.

Mount Bromo is very famous among the people of Indonesia and foreign tourists. This mountain has a very beautiful landscape, ranging from highlands to a sea of ​​black sand. This mountain has a mountainous landscape that stretches along 50,276.3 hectares.

Mount Bromo is located in four administrative districts of East Java Province, namely Kaputen Malang, Pasuruan Regency, Probolinggo Regency, and Lumajang Regency. Because it is located in four districts, access to Mount Bromo is very easy. The main access to this mountain is through Coban Trisula, Malang Regency.

This mountain is very famous because it has a lot of natural beauty, including Teletubbies Hill, the sea of ​​sand, Bromo crater, and also Penanjakan.

When visiting Bromo, it’s good to see the weather situation first. If the weather is rainy, access to the crater will be a little difficult because the sand around it becomes muddy.

Uniquely, if you enter the dry season, Mount Bromo will feel cold. The dry dry wind will feel piercing the skin. The peak of the cold air is in August. Ice flowers will be created because of the cold air there

Furthermore, in the rainy season, the fog will fall faster. Visibility at Mount Bromo is only about 5 meters. The steep road is also being a challenge. Although foggy, it just adds to the beauty of the area.

Teletubbies hill and Bromo savanna

Teletubbies hill and Bromo savanna

Called Teletubbies hill because the hills there are similar to the hills in the Teletubbies movie. These beautiful green hills can spoil the eye as well as become a cool photo spot.

This hill is also surrounded by extraordinarily beautiful grass savanna. This location is a favorite destination for tourists to take pictures.

Sea of ​​sand

After passing Teletubbies Hill and the savanna, the next trip before heading to the crater is through a sea of ​​black sand. The vast expanse of black sand that stretches along this area gives an exotic impression.
According to history, the formation of this sea of ​​​​sand is the presence of two mountains that coincide with each other and when a small eruption occurs, volcanic material is thrown to the southeast to form a large valley and caldera. Due to the depth of the caldera, volcanic material from further eruptions accumulated inside and is now a sea of ​​sand.

Bromo’s sea of ​​sand covers an area of ​​5,920 hectares (about 10 sq km) stretching around Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, Mount Widodaren, Mount Kursi, and Mount Watangan, located at an altitude of 2100 m above sea level. In this sea of ​​​​sand found 7 eruption centers in two criss-cross paths from east-west and northeast-southwest. The sand structure is very fine, black in color, not much vegetation grows in the Sea of ​​Sand, mostly grass and shrubs.

Bromo Crater

Bromo Crater can be seen after climbing Mount Bromo. This mountain has a height of 2,329 m. Climbing this mountain is also quite easy because there are already paths and stairs to the top.

After reaching the top, visitors can see the Bromo crater which is still emitting volcanic smoke. Not only the view of the crater, but visitors can look back and see the entire landscape of the trip that has been visited before. From the top of Bromo, a vast sea of ​​black sand ends in a collection of mountain cliffs.


One more spot on Mount Bromo tourism that is a favorite destination is Penanjakan or viewpoint because from up here we can see all the beauty and moments that exist on Mount Bromo.

From this viewpoint, visitors can see from above the entire Bromo-Tengger-Semeru area. The golden moment or the right time to watch the panorama of Mount Bromo from the top of this Penanjakan is from before sunrise to after sunrise at around 7 a.m only. If the weather is good, there will be a sea of ​​clouds that stretches along this area which makes visitors feel as if they are above the clouds.

Those are some of the tourist spots in the Mount Bromo area. How? Interested in visiting it? Don’t forget to order tickets online at the website before going there. Tickets to the location are only available online. Happy weekend and happy holidays.