Actress Oh In-hye Died, Allegedly Suicide

Oh In-hye

Actress Oh In-Hye reportedly passed away after being found unconscious at her home on Monday (14/9). The sad news was confirmed by Oh In-hye’s colleague.

“I hope he can get through the crisis. But he was unconscious until the end and his heart stopped beating,” said Oh In-hye’s party.

Previously, a police source revealed that he received a report on Oh In-hye’s condition when she was unconscious at home for the first time from a friend. The police immediately moved after knowing that Oh In-hye could not be contacted by his colleagues.

We suspect he attempted suicide. But we have not investigated the people who are allegedly involved

said the source

Incheon Yeonsu Police and the Songdo Fire Department said Oh In-hye was found unconscious due to heart problems at around 5 am at her residence in the Songdo International Business District, Incheon.

Oh In-hye was immediately given CPR, chest compression techniques and rescue breaths, and other emergency procedaures before being taken to the nearest hospital.

The 36-year-old actress’s breathing and pulse were reportedly stable even though she was unconscious. So, the police had planned to carry out further investigations after Oh In-hye regained consciousness.

However, as reported by Dispatch via Naver, Oh In-hye did not make it through the critical period and died on Monday (14/9) night. Oh In-hye will be buried behind closed doors at Inha University Hospital on Wednesday (16/9)