Jokowi Inaugurates Binjai-Stabat Toll Road in North Sumatra. Reaching length 11.8 KM


The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the Binjai-Stabat Toll Road in North Sumatra on Friday (4/2). Jokowi expects several things related to the use of the 11.8 km toll road.

Jokowi said, “Alhamdulillah, today the Binjai-Langsa Toll Road section, Section 1 Binjai-Stabat is 11.8 kilometers long, thank God it is ready to be used to support smooth connectivity.”

In the future, the toll road will connect North Sumatra Province with Aceh Province. This toll road will also be part of the Trans Sumatra toll road that connects Lampung to Aceh.

“When fully completed, this toll road will connect North Sumatra Province with Aceh Province, as well as become part of the Trans Sumatra toll road which will connect from Lampung to Aceh,” Jokowi said as broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat’s YouTube account, Friday (4/04). 2/2022).

He said that the operation of the toll road, which will connect the provinces, will also connect production centers in North Sumatra and Aceh Province. With the connected lines, the logistics costs will be cheaper. This has the potential to develop the regional economy.

Jokowi explained, “If this toll road is connected to production centers like that, connected to tourism areas, connected to plantation agricultural areas and the road is as smooth as this, the cost structure in prices for these commodities becomes very competitive,” Jokowi explained.

With the connection of production centers between provinces, Jokowi is confident that the price of the product will be much cheaper than the price of imported products. This is because logistics costs can be cut by up to 75 percent due to the toll road.

He believes the toll road will facilitate access to various tourism areas in North Sumatra, such as Bukit Lawang in Bahorok, Tangkahan Tourism Area, and Tuan Guru Spiritual Tourism Area in Tanjung Pura Langkat.

“I am sure that with the progress of this infrastructure, we will be able to develop the potentials that exist in the region. Well, I said earlier on agriculture, tourism, plantations, fisheries, and others. I entrust this good infrastructure to be used as well as possible to support business “New businesses, increasing job opportunities and improving people’s welfare,” said Jokowi.

In addition, on the same occasion, North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi added, the Binjai-Stabat toll road will save travel time from Medan-Stabat from 2.5 hours to 45 minutes. In addition, the journey from Stabat to Kualanamu Airport is also faster, being 1 hour from the previous 2.5-3 hours.

“Those who get the grace of this road are also Aceh Tamiang Regency, East Aceh, up to Langsa, when the second section of the road is ready, it will only take 1.5 hours and a maximum of 2 hours to the airport, which has been 4 to 5 hours to Kualanamu,” said Edy.