Antam’s Gold Price Drops Today, Here Is the Explanation.


The gold selling price of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Tbk, or Antam is in the position of Rp. 936 thousand per gram today, Wednesday (1/19/22). The price decreased by Rp. 3,000 from the previous price, Rp. 939 thousand per gram.

Likewise with the purchase price (buyback). The buyback price is the price get if Antam’s gold holders want to resell the gold bullion. The buyback price decreased by Rp. 2,000 from Rp. 838 thousand per gram to Rp. 836 thousand per gram.

Based on Antam’s data, the selling price of 0.5-gram gold is Rp. 518 thousand, 2 grams Rp. 1.81 million, 3 grams Rp. 2.69 million, 5 grams Rp.4.45 million, 10 grams Rp. 8.85 million, 25 grams Rp. 22.01 million, and 50 grams of Rp. 43.94 million.

Then, the price of gold measuring 100 grams is worth Rp. 87.81 million, 250 grams Rp. 219.26 million, 500 grams Rp. 438.32 million, and 1 kilogram of Rp. 876.6 million.

The selling price of gold includes Income Tax (PPh) 22 on gold bars of 0.45 percent for holders of a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP). Meanwhile, buyers who do not include their NPWP are subject to a higher tax deduction of 0.9 percent.

It should be noted that Antam’s gold price is the price prevailing at Antam’s office, Pulogadung, Jakarta. These prices may vary in other sale places

Meanwhile, based on the COMEX Commodity Exchange market reference, gold prices in international trade rose 0.05 percent to US$1,813 per troy ounce. In contrast, the price of gold in spot trading fell 0.05 percent to the US $ 1,812 per troy ounce this morning.

It is predicted that Antam’s gold price will continue to weaken. This is influenced by the yield on US bonds, which still gave negative sentiment to gold.

Moreover, global conditions that are still vulnerable due to the increase in the Omicron variant also contributed to the weakening of the gold price.

Antam’s gold bullion price in other denominations

The following is Antam’s gold bullion price in other denominations as of Wednesday (19/1) and does not include tax:

0.5 gram gold price : IDR 519,500
1 gram gold price : IDR 939,000
5 gram gold price : IDR 4,470,000
10 gram gold price : IDR 8,885,000
25 gram gold price : IDR 22,087,000
50 gram gold price : IDR 44,095,000
100 gram gold price : IDR 88,112,000
500 gram gold price : IDR 439,820,000
1,000 gram gold price : IDR 879,600,000