Batam Will Become an International Level Logistics Hub

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Batam is preparing to become an international Logistics Hub. This was conveyed by the Head of BP Batam as well as the Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi. he said the construction and revitalization of the Batu Ampat port are starting to be real. Now, the port is one of the centers for loading and unloading goods in Batam.

“Gradually, we are starting to build and improve which ones are not perfect, so that later this will become an international standard port,” said Muhammad Rudi.

BP Batam is accelerating the construction of the Batu Ampar Container Port. The development carried out is in the form of building a 2 Ha container yard, and container cranes for the dredging process or minus (-)12 mLWS dredging.

The Batam Port Business Entity (BUP) will change the container loading and unloading business process at the Batu Ampar Port. Director of BUP BP Batam Dendi Gustinandar said this business process would provide room for service improvement at the Batu Ampar port with BP Batam’s involvement in it.

“This is a change that will be for the better because we will adapt to global standards. This is also to give confidence to the international community, our services are following international standards,” said Dendi.

Currently, trucks carrying goods are free to enter directly to the dock area of ​​Batu Ampar Port. In fact, at the world’s container terminals, all service users can only deliver or pick up goods to the container yard.

To that end, BP Batam is completing the Batuampar port facility. Two hectares of container yardland, which was completed in 2021, will be added to an area of ​​1.8 hectares and is estimated to be completed in mid-2022. BP Batam is also preparing a container crane with high performance.

Currently, container cranes at Batu Ampar Port are only able to lift 4 to 8 containers in one hour. The container crane, which will be brought in at the end of 2022, will be able to lift 24 containers per hour.

“This makes the ship more efficient. We bought a crane which is in the manufacturing process, by the end of the year it can be used. We plan to add more container cranes,” said Dendi.

With the improvement of facilities to support changes in the existing business processes at Batu Ampar Port, BP Batam, which so far has only received Rp. 30 billion from loading and unloading activities, will increase because BP Batam will be involved in the movement of goods from container yards to ships and vice versa.