BPJS Kesehatan Reaches 90.73% Coverage of Indonesia’s Population

Kartu Indonesia Sehat from BPJS Kesehatan (net)

The BPJS Kesehatan program is a social security program organized by the Indonesian government to provide health and social security coverage to the entire population of Indonesia.

The latest data from BPJS shows that the program has reached 248.77 million people, or 90.73% of the total population of Indonesia, which is currently estimated at 274.20 million people.

This achievement is based on the National Health Insurance (JKN) update from BPJS as of December 31, 2022.

At a hearing with the Indonesian House of Representatives’ Commission IX, Ali Ghufron Mukti, the President Director of BPJS, revealed several achievements of BPJS Kesehatan in 2022.

These achievements include membership, net health assets, social security funds, and significant expansion of cooperation between BPJS Kesehatan and healthcare facilities.

Ghufron also reported that BPJS Kesehatan’s net health assets are currently in a surplus state, amounting to Rp 56.51 trillion at the end of 2022. This surplus is considered healthy and can cover the estimated claims payment for the next 5.98 months.

Ghufron stated, “In this case, the net health assets at the end of the year have met the requirements, and our social security funds are now categorized as healthy, which is between 1.5 months of estimated claims payments and 6 months.”

Furthermore, in 2022, BPJS Kesehatan collaborated with 23,730 primary healthcare facilities and 2,963 advanced referral healthcare facilities.

For 2023, Ghufron stated that BPJS Kesehatan will continue to provide effective, efficient, and high-quality healthcare services to its participants through optimal partnerships with healthcare facilities.

In 2023, it targets to cover 91% of the population of 279,577,400 people, with a claim ratio of 92.2%. The program aims to generate an income of Rp 157.08 trillion from premiums, Rp 154.33 trillion from revenue, a collectibility rate of 98.25%, and a benefit burden of Rp 142.29 trillion.

At the same hearing, Abdul Kadir, the Chairman of the BPJS Kesehatan Supervisory Board, presented several findings of the board’s supervision of BPJS Kesehatan in 2022.

The supervisory board made several notes on BPJS’s performance over the past year, which were divided into three aspects: institutional, financial and investment, and membership aspects.