Oops! Instant Noodles Price Will Rise


The price of instant noodles is rumored to be going up soon! This was due to the Russia-Ukraine war which had an impact on rising wheat prices. Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko has confirmed. He said the war between the two countries had indeed triggered a food crisis in several countries.

This can happen because Russia and Ukraine are the largest wheat-producing countries. The country accounts for about 30-40 percent of the world’s needs.

The slightest disruption to the distribution of wheat from the two countries will inevitably result in scarcity and price spikes.

The prices of Super Noodles, Indomie, and noodles will rise, it can’t be avoided,” said Moeldoko at the National Insight Seminar: Jokowi’s Government Strategy to Maintain a Balance of Stability & Openness in the Age of Information Disruption, Wednesday (20/7).

He also said the Russo-Ukrainian war caused several other commodities such as oil and fertilizer to rise. Indonesia was also affected.

“The world fertilizer price used to be Ukraine, Belarus, US$400 per ton. Now we have to import from Canada the price is US$900 per ton. As a result, our farmers are screaming because the price of fertilizer is expensive,” he said.

He said the government had actually tried to reduce the impact. But he said, managing a country during a challenging global environment like today is not easy.

“Mr. Jokowi really maintains stability, this is extraordinary, not easy, but with extraordinary efforts, finally we can all enjoy this stable atmosphere, our lives are peaceful,” he said.

Previously, President Jokowi warned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would greatly affect world food commodities, such as wheat. Moreover, Indonesia imports 11 million tons of wheat from these countries.

“Be careful that all of the world’s food commodities go up, for example, Wheat. We also import wheat, which is very large, 11 million tons of our wheat imports,” said Jokowi.

The increase in wheat prices, Jokowi added, will certainly have an impact on the prices of food such as bread and noodles in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is still dependent on wheat from these two countries.

“Be careful, those who like to eat bread who like to eat noodles, the price can go up. Why? There is a war in Ukraine. Why does the war in Ukraine affect the price of wheat? Because 34 percent of wheat production is in that country. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus are all there. In Ukraine alone there is a stock of wheat,” he explained.