Danamon New Live Experience, Drive-In Concert

The first was held in Jakarta today, Saturday (29/8/2020).

The JI-Expo Kemayoran gate has been open since 17.00 WIB for the sake of smooth running of the event. The organizer, Berlian Entertainment, provided capacity for 300 cars at this event.

Indonesia The first day will be enlivened by the appearance of Kahitna who also celebrates their 34th birthday. Several cars have been seen lining up to enter the concert area.

Before entering the concert area, the organizer applies a strict checking procedure for every visitor. The cars that will enter are also confirmed to pass through the gate where spraying of disinfectant is carried out to minimize the possibility of spreading the corona virus.

Berlian Entertainment also imposes an absolute requirement for cars that can only enter cars with a maximum height of 2 meters. This is done so that every car can watch Kahitna on stage without interruption. If there is a car that is more than 2 meters high, the organizer will have to ask him to go home.

The audience is only allowed to join the concert from inside the car. The audience exception can get out of the car only to go to the toilets that have been provided in every corner of the stage area.

Different from regular music events, Danamon New Live Experience presents a higher stage. As for audio, the organizer only provides sound via radio frequency.

Until 20.00 WIB the concert had not started because the safety and health procedures that were implemented took a long time.