Disney World Provides Digital Masks For Tourists Who Do Not Comply With Health Protocols

Walt Disney World Resort Reopening

Walt Disney World has reopened by implementing health protocols, one of them is by wearing a mask. For those who don’t wear masks, there are consequences.

Usually, when you are in a recreation park there will be a camera that captures the moment when a visitor is riding a vehicle. The visitor who wants to get a photo can print and take it home.

Quoted from Fox News by detikcom, Sunday (12/13/2020), to implement health protocols and remind Disney World tourists to wear masks, the photos of tourists who are not wearing masks on the rides will be edited by adding digital masks to their nose and mouth.

This was experienced by one of the tourists who rode the dinosaur rides. A mother is seen wearing a digital mask in the photo, even though she is not wearing it.

According to WDWNT Disney Park News, this photo was first shared by Toby Townsend on the Disney World Junkies Facebook group. When all the tourists in the front row wear masks, but not on the back.

Previously, Disney World did not allow tourists who were not wearing masks to take their photos while riding the rides. Now, the park has likely made concessions by allowing guests to print photos, but with the addition of digital masks.

So far, there have been additional digital masks on several Walt Disney World rides, including Dinosaur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Space Ranger Spin Buzz Lightyear in the Magic Kingdom. It is likely that in the coming months this policy will be implemented across all photopass rides.