Eco-Driving Techniques to Save Fuel Oil


Eco-driving techniques are an effective way to save fuel oil during soaring fuel prices. Some things need to be implemented to support eco-driving techniques. What are they?

Thomas Wijanaka, a Technical Training Team of PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI), on the sidelines of the Isuzu Driving Experience event, in Bekasi, West Java, explained that the increase in the price of fuel oil (BBM) will have an impact on all sectors, especially the industrial sector.

The company’s operations have the potential to revise expenses because half of the operating expenses are actually used for fuel purchases.

Fuel savings are not only supported by the engine or other internal factors, but driving style can also make fuel efficient.

“There are many things that can save fuel costs, one of which is the driving style with Eco Driving,” said Thomas (7/10).

Thomas said that another advantage of eco-driving is that it is in line with environmental issues that have been touted by many parties.

“Then there are environmental issues. The more we save fuel, it means the use of fuel,” he said.

“Even though the car is Euro 4 standard, the driver carelessly will not happen (Euro4) itself. Another way that can be done with regular maintenance is not only from the dealer or mechanic but the driver himself,” he said

He urges drivers to check the condition of the vehicle before the road, such for example the air pressure in the tires, as well as the vehicle’s load.

“The vehicle load is not too excessive or overloaded which results in uneven load distribution,” he added.

Thomas advised that every driver should carry a load that has been regulated, to create eco-driving and make it more comfortable when driving.

“Another factor that must be considered is the route that is passed, there are many things that make eco-driving not work, such as incline, traffic jams, and damaged road conditions,” he explained.

Furthermore, motorists must avoid starting the engine at rest. For example, when goods are decreased in small quantities, it is just an administrative matter and others may be considered trivial in terms of time.

Because, in that time, solar energy is definitely wasted. However, if this is done frequently, of course, the effect will affect the total solar efficiency.