Nuclear Power Plant Will Be Operating in 2039

Nuclear Power Plant

The Nuclear Power Plant (PLTN) is targeted to operate in 2039. This operational target has been included in the new renewable energy transition roadmap to net zero emission in 2060 made by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

“We plan to start operating the nuclear power plant in 2039 to maintain system reliability because it functions as a base load,” said Secretary General Rida Mulyana at the IESR Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook 2023 forum, Thursday (15/12).

Rida said that in 2060, the PLTN is projected to generate 31 Gigawatts of electricity.

Based on the editorial notes, the operational plan for this nuclear power plant is progressing. Last year, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources planned that the new nuclear power plant could operate in 2049.

It is not surprising that in the New Energy and Renewable Energy (EBT) Bill, whose Inventory List of Problems (DIM) will soon be submitted to the DPR, the government has focused more on the nuclear issue.

Such as the scheme for establishing a nuclear energy monitoring body to prepare state-owned mining companies to manage nuclear mines.

The acceleration of the use of nuclear power for electric power is increasingly serious. Most recently, President Jokowi regulates aspects of all stages of mining of nuclear minerals which include mining safety, mining safety, and mining safety and security management.

This is stated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 52 of 2022 concerning the Safety and Security of Mining of Nuclear Minerals.

The PP signed on 12 December 2022 is a derivative regulation for the implementation of the provisions of Article 16 paragraph (2) of Law Number 10 of 1997 concerning Nuclear Forces.

Nuclear mining safety aims to protect workers, the public, and the environment from radiological and non-radiological hazards resulting from nuclear mining activities.

Then, the security of mining of nuclear minerals aims to prevent, detect, delay, and respond to acts of illegal transfer of results of processing of nuclear minerals and sabotage of facilities and activities of mining of nuclear minerals.

This is also to prevent deviations from the use of processing results of nuclear minerals for peaceful purposes.

Meanwhile, the safety and security management of nuclear mineral mining aims to regulate the management system.

Covers matters directly related to safety and security or is part of a managerial framework to ensure and maintain the safety and security of nuclear mining activities and facilities.