Electric Vehicle Drivers Must Have a Driver’s License If They Want to Travel More Than 35 KM/Hour

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According to the latest regulations from the Indonesian Police, electric vehicle drivers who drive their vehicles at more than 35 km per hour must have a driver’s license (SIM).

This was conveyed by the Resident Director of the Indonesian Police Traffic Corps, Brigadier General Yusri Yunus.

Even so, at this time Yusri said that his party was still calculating kilowatt hours (Kwh) in electric vehicles.

“We are calculating kwh for electricity. Speeds above 35 km per hour using electricity must have a regulatory driver’s license,” said Yusri at the National Police Public Relations Building, Thursday (26/1/2023).

According to him, this figure is already considered strong. Also, later if the electric bicycle can speed above this minimum number, it will be required to have a SIM.

“First calculate the kWh, we are sitting together. This is a new, electric vehicle. Why 35? At least 35 km per hour, so electric vehicles can go fast, like a bicycle that can speed, you have to use a SIM,” he said.

Then, Yusri revealed that his party had included Kwh and electric fuel in the motor vehicle registration certificate (STNK). Later massive electric vehicles are used.

“We from the police have acted quickly, the latest STNK and BPKB already have the kWh there. Because we don’t want to lose later. The old STNK didn’t have cylinders or electric fuel. We are calculating he has kWh,” said Yusri.

It is known, the Government of Indonesia has targeted achieving net zero emissions in 2060 or sooner. For this reason, the government continues to push for the acceleration of the energy transition. One of the efforts is to develop electric vehicles (EVs) or electric vehicles and maximize new and renewable energy.