Ellen DeGeneres is Positive Covid-19

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres declared that she’s positive for Covid-19. She also had to postpone all of her activities because she had to do self-quarantine until the holiday season ended.

“Hi everyone, I want to inform you that I have tested positive for Covid-19. Fortunately, I feel fine at the moment,” Ellen DeGeneres said in a statement posted on Instagram, Friday (11/12).

“Everyone whom I have had close contact with has been notified, and I am following the CDC’s exact directions. I will see you all after the holidays,” she continued.

“Please stay healthy and safe. Full of love, Ellen.”

Ellen’s show production plan has been postponed until January.

Since the end of last October, the ready-to-see Ellen DeGeneres has continued shooting her show in the studio with audience restrictions.

Back then, Ellen not only had to adapt the new pandemic regulations to her show, but also accusations of a toxic work environment.

“Ellen has been trying to be careful when filming and the crew has been working outdoors, being tested regularly for Covid-19, and they have done everything necessary to make everyone comfortable and enjoyable,” a source close to Ellen told ET.

“Ellen feels secure in trying to protect herself and the others around her from Covid-19. In her spare time apart from being with Portia, she spent time in Montecito with some of her friends here and there wearing masks and keep the distance, ” the source continued.

“She is currently in home quarantine, feeling fine and focused on getting better and healthier.” the source said.