Finally, European Union Allowed Indonesian Tourists Starting November 18


    The Council of the European Union has updated information on travel restrictions related to non-essential visits by foreign countries to EU member states during the Covid-19 pandemic. Quoted from the official website of the Council of the European Union, Indonesia is included in the list of countries that recommended for temporary restrictions to be lifted gradually. “The council updated the list of countries, special administrative regions, and other entities and territorial authorities whose travel restrictions should be lifted. In particular, Indonesia has been added to the list,” the site wrote on Thursday (11/18/2021).

    The site writes, the recommendations of the Council of the European Union are not legally binding. Each member state of the European Union retains the authority and responsibility for the implementation of the recommendations. “Member states should not decide to lift travel restrictions for third countries that are not listed before this has been decided in a coordinated manner,” he wrote.

    Besides Indonesia, there are at least 18 other countries that have also received recommendations to enter Europe as of November 18, 2021. These countries are Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Jordan, Kuwait, Namibia, New Zealand, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay. In addition, this recommendation is also applied to China only in the presence of a reciprocal policy. “Travel restrictions should also be lifted gradually for China’s Hong Kong and Macau special administrative regions,” the site said.