Foreign Tourists Are Increasingly Enjoying Bali Tourism Villages

Foreign Tourists in Bali

Foreign tourists are seen not only liking the beach area, but also tourism villages in Bali. These tourists are looking for novelty and adventure.

Chairman of the Bali Tourism Village Communication Forum, I Made Mendra Astawa, said that after the pandemic, tourists coming to Bali had started looking for new activities in the form of adventures in tourist villages.

“Now there are more and more tourists coming to Bali and they are looking for new things, not only phenomenal attractions but they are looking for adventure,” he said in Denpasar, Friday, January 6, 2023.

Mendra believes that tourist villages will be increasingly in demand, especially in 2023 where natural, cultural, and man-made tourism which is managed directly by the local community is the main capital.

Even though he has not started the process of collecting data on the number of visits, Mendra said that the largest number of foreign tourists visiting tourist villages came from Eastern Europe and the largest visits were in Gianyar.

“If we look at it evenly, it is clear that the tourist village in the Ubud area, Gianyar, is the most visited, then Bangli Regency, where there are many waterfalls, then Singaraja City,” he said.

Until now, as many as 238 villages spread throughout Bali have been registered as tourist villages with four categories namely independent, advanced, developing, and pioneering. In the concept of a tourist village, the community participates in building to manage the existing wealth so that large capital is not needed for its development.

Mendra also mentioned that each of the 238 tourist villages on the Island of the Gods has diversity and attractiveness. Tourists can also continue to explore tourist villages and enjoy unlimited experiences in Bali.

Furthermore, Bali has become a tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists to spend the Nataru holidays. This makes the hotel occupancy rate during the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays (Nataru) reach 100 percent.

Gratika as Marketing Branding Manager for Ini Vie Hospitality said that occupancy at several IniVie properties has decreased, but not drastically.

He said the reason tourists chose to take a holiday after Nataru was because of his new condition of getting time off from work or waiting for a quieter atmosphere. So both properties in Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, and so on are still crowded with tourists up to 80 percent.