Formula E Jakarta Excluded from 2024 Racing Calendar Due to National Election Clash

Formula E Jakarta (Photo: Twitter/JaguarRacing)

Formula E Jakarta has been officially excluded from the 2024 racing calendar unveiled by Formula E ABB FIA. This decision has been attributed to the unfortunate clash between the racing schedule and Indonesia’s pivotal 2024 General Election, which is set to be a significant national event.

Quoting the Formula E’s official website, it was announced on Friday, October 20, that Formula E Jakarta was regrettably removed from the upcoming tenth-season racing calendar. Initially, the 2024 Formula E race had been eagerly anticipated and scheduled for the 8th of June in 2024, with Ancol Circuit in Jakarta as the chosen venue.

The reason for this omission was made clear in the official statement from Formula E, which cited the ongoing presidential campaign in Indonesia throughout most of the month of June as the primary factor. This situation is expected to have considerable implications for the logistical aspects of delivering the race on the city’s streets during this time.

Nonetheless, Formula E and the relevant authorities in Jakarta are actively exploring the possibility of rescheduling the race to an alternative date that would be more compatible with the nation’s election activities.

The 2024 Formula E season promises an exciting start with a race scheduled in Mexico City, Mexico, on the 13th of January. This upcoming season will feature a total of 14 thrilling races, with the series’ grand finale set to take place in London, England, on the 21st of July.

Formula E’s CEO, Jeff Dodds, expressed his enthusiasm for the forthcoming season, underlining that Formula E is set to lead the way in global motorsport as the sole world championship racing series that competes in the three largest markets of China, India, and the United States.

Furthermore, he emphasized the expansion of Formula E’s presence to other circuits worldwide, including Tokyo, Brazil, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. This strategic move aims to build a racing calendar that not only engages but entertains billions of motorsport enthusiasts, making it a highly anticipated and promising prospect for the future.

It is worth noting that Jakarta has previously hosted the Formula E race on two occasions, first in 2022 and then again in 2023. In the 2023 season, Jakarta even had the distinction of hosting two races simultaneously, creating an exhilarating spectacle on the 3rd and 4th of June. While the absence of Formula E Jakarta from the 2024 calendar is unfortunate, motorsport fans remain hopeful and eagerly await the potential announcement of an alternative date, ensuring the return of this thrilling event to the bustling streets of the Indonesian capital.