G20 Presidency Will Boost National Economy with 33 Thousand Jobs

the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto,

Indonesia’s presidency at the G20 will encourage economic recovery, economic transformation, and create 33 thousand new jobs in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, in Indonesia Economic Outlook 2022, (25/1).

Although he mentioned that the G20 presidency would create 33,000 new jobs, he did not specify what types of jobs would be.

He also said that the G20 presidency would increase consumption by Rp. 1.7 trillion and the national Bruno’s Domestic Product (GDP) of Rp. 7.4 trillion. This, of course, will boost the domestic economy rapidly.

According to him, this opportunity will encourage national economic recovery and development in the socio-political aspect. This is because Indonesia has the status of being the host of the G20 presidency which causes Indonesia to be on the world stage. With the rise of the “name” of Indonesia, the increase in trade and investment will soar.

The government continues to strive to improve the climate in the domestic investment sector by continuously reviewing and issuing various regulations. If the level of investment increases, job opportunities will also be wide open.

Airlangga explained, “There are as many as 246 priority business fields offered to local and foreign investors. In addition, the government has also spread various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to boost investment.”

The G20 presidency takes the theme ‘Recover Together, Recover Stronger’. The hope is that the economy will improve in an inclusive, strong, and sustainable way. The event focuses on three focus activities, namely inclusive global health, digital-based transformation, and the transition to sustainable energy,

It was recorded that there were approximately 150 meetings held in 19 cities and more than 18 thousand delegates would attend.

Airlangga closed his speech by encouraging the government to synergize with these plans. With the encouragement of the local government, new jobs will emerge and will create an acceleration of economic recovery in the community.