Germany Detects New Mutations of Corona Virus in A Dead Patient


    It is reported that the new coronavirus mutation detected in the UK has recently been found spreading in Germany since last November.

    German health officials said a new variant of the coronavirus was found in the body of a patient who died in northern Germany.

    “Researchers were able to sequence the B1.1.7 virus variant (a variant of the new coronavirus in the UK) in infected people in November this year,” a German Health Ministry official, Lower Saxony, said in a statement.

    “This is the same strain that is responsible for most of the coronavirus infections detected in the south of the UK,” he added.

    Saxony said the mutation was found in an elderly patient who had died. The patient’s wife was also infected but survived.

    “The couple contracted the virus after their daughter returned from the UK in mid-November, where she was most likely infected with a new variant of the coronavirus,” Saxony said.

    Reported by AFP, a team from the Hannover Medical School (MHH) identified the new strain of the virus after sequencing its genome.

    The results were later confirmed by the Berlin Charite Hospital team, including the renowned German virologist, Christian Drosten.

    Germany previously reported only one case of the new type of corona in a woman who had just returned from London on Thursday last week.

    The recent discovery of new coronavirus mutation cases in the UK and South Africa has sparked global vigilance and concern.

    Experts warn that the new coronavirus is 70 percent faster to spread.

    Dozens of countries immediately imposed travel bans and restrictions on tourist arrivals from / to the UK in anticipation of the spread of Covid-19 cases caused by the new type of corona virus.

    Even so, experts are still trying to understand this new variant of the corona virus and have not found out whether these mutations make Covid-19 transmission more deadly or not.

    However, some experts say this mutation from the new coronavirus strain known as B.1.1.7 does not interfere with the effectiveness of existing vaccines.