Good News: Covid-19 Cases Outside Java-Bali Are Getting Lower


The good news was conveyed by the government regarding the Covid-19 case that occurred outside Java-Bali. The government ensures Covid-19 cases in these areas have experienced a significant decline. In fact, the improvement rate is seen in all lines, starting from the number of cases, deaths, to the positivity rate.

This news was confirmed by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto. He said that Indonesia’s Effective Case Reproductive (Rt) number had improved in all islands although some were still above 1.

“The number of deaths outside Java-Bali and national [Omicron variant] has decreased significantly, compared to its peak on March 8 of 401 people [nationally] where outside Java-Bali as many as 128 people, now it has decreased by 74.1% [national] and decreased by 75.0% [outside Java-Bali],” said Airlangga in an official statement, Tuesday (29/3/2022).

Based on government records, the National Rt figure was recorded to have fallen to 1.00, which indicates that the transmission is now more under control when compared to the previous week’s 1.09 figure.

For regions outside Java-Bali, the breakdown of the Rt figures from highest to lowest is Maluku (1.02), Nusa Tenggara (1.01), Papua (1.01), Sumatra (1.01), Kalimantan (1.00 ), and Sulawesi (1.00).

As of March 28, 2022, outside Java-Bali the number of daily cases was 689 cases, or 24.6% of the national daily cases of 2,798 cases.

In addition, the death rate was 32 people, or 30.7% of the national death rate of 104 people. Active cases outside Java-Bali were 48,809 cases or 39.0% of the total national active cases of 125,241 cases.

Daily cases and active cases have shown a downward trend in all provinces outside Java-Bali, consistently experiencing a decline, except in Papua Province which still does not show a trend of cases.

At the Regency/City level, 4 of them still show an increasing trend in the number of active cases, namely Jayapura City, as well as Mimika, Nunukan, and Aceh Besar Regencies.

Meanwhile, there are 3 provinces with the highest active cases, but the monitored bed occupancy ratio (BOR) is still adequate, and the Covid-19 TT conversion in hospitals is still low.

Airlangga said, “The three provinces are Papua, Lampung and East Nusa Tenggara.”

The highest levels of Covid-19 BOR and Isolation BOR outside Java-Bali are in North Kalimantan, which are 21% and 24%, respectively.

Meanwhile, the highest ICU BOR outside Java-Bali was in the Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands at 32%, and the highest ICU BOR for the Regency/City level was in Bandar Lampung City.