Sugar is addicting — and science definitely agrees.

That’s why decreasing your sugar intake or quitting it altogether can be very difficult. sugar can be found in much of what we eat. Although it makes those products taste good, they can increase your sugar intake above recommended amounts. Slowly removing sweet foods and drinks from your diet might be an easier approach.

5 Day/2 Day

The five-day, two-day approach is a way for people to look at their diet through a weekly lens.

In this strategy, you strictly avoid all added sugars from Monday through Friday. This means reading labels closely, avoiding sweet foods and drinks, and not adding sugar to your coffee or tea. The weight loss from the five-day, two-day approach serves as positive reinforcement for people to continue doing it more. It can start off as the five-day, two-day approach and eventually build up to six days or seven days until eventually you start to lose your craving for sweet foods and drinks.

It’s not one size fits all

What might work for one person could work differently for another. For this reason, Ashton said people should find an approach that works best for them.

In doing so, it’s important to be accountable to yourself. Pay close attention to what is being put in your body and how that’s affecting it.