Indonesia Delves into Digital Transformation and AI Cooperation with China

Indonesia Delves into Digital Transformation and AI Cooperation with China
Indonesia Delves into Digital Transformation and AI Cooperation with China

To fortify their bilateral relations, Indonesia and China are gearing up for intensified collaboration in the digital realm. The Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information is poised to embark on a journey to delve deeper into digital cooperation with China, marking a significant stride towards closer ties between the two nations.

The recent bilateral meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland, saw Minister Budi Arie Setiadi engaging in productive discussions with China’s Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Shan Zhongde. Prior to this, Minister Budi Arie also held talks with Deemah Al Yahya, the Secretary-General of the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO).

During these crucial encounters, Minister Budi Arie underscored Indonesia’s confidence in the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emphasized the importance of investing in human resources for progress. Indonesia’s commitment to steering clear of the middle-income trap was palpable as the focus shifted towards advancing the digital economy and maximizing the utilization of AI, all while adhering to ethical codes in AI usage.

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Looking ahead, Minister Budi Arie expressed hope for China’s support in bolstering digitalization efforts, particularly in Indonesia’s inland regions. Anticipation looms high for his upcoming visit to Shanghai in June 2024, which promises to deepen collaboration in the digital domain between Indonesia and China.

“Ini pertemuan yang penting untuk memperkuat kerja sama demi kesuksesan bersama,” remarked Minister Budi Arie, highlighting the significance of the ongoing dialogue.

Accompanying Minister Budi Arie were key figures including Wayan Toni, Director-General of International Cooperation and Informatics of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Fadhilah Mathar, President Director of Bakti Kominfo, and several Special Staff members of the Minister of Communication and Information.

On the Chinese side, Vice Minister Shan Zhongde was joined by a delegation of nine members from the Chinese government, signaling China’s earnest commitment to supporting Indonesia’s digital transformation journey. Vice Minister Zhongde expressed China’s eagerness to collaborate with Indonesia in vital areas such as telecommunications, including the development of cutting-edge technologies like 5G and 6G, as well as AI.

Furthermore, Vice Minister Zhongde extended an invitation for Indonesia to participate in an upcoming international forum on digital industry and AI scheduled to take place in China in early September this year, underscoring the mutual benefits of cooperation in advancing AI technologies for the prosperity of both nations.

“With collective efforts, we aim to harness the power of AI for the advancement of our respective peoples,” Vice Minister Zhongde affirmed, echoing sentiments of collaboration and mutual growth.