Starting July 17th, Indonesian Citizens Must Get Boosters to Enter or Leave the Country!


The Indonesian government provides a new policy update related to the Covid-19 handling. The latest regulation is, as of July 17, 2022, booster vaccines are used as a mandatory requirement for Indonesian citizens who want to enter or plan to leave the country.

So, it’s not only foreigners who are required to have a booster when they enter, but Indonesian citizens who are going abroad are also required to have a booster. Adjustments related to Foreign Travel Actors (PPLN) are contained in SE No.22/2022.

A spokesperson for the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito said the Indonesian government is trying to ensure that all travel experiences, both domestic and international, can ensure safety and comfort.

In the third point in the SE, the regulation of booster obligations is explained for PPLN citizens who go abroad from Indonesia.

PPLN citizens aged over 18 years are required to attach evidence of having received the third dose of vaccine (booster) as a condition for departure abroad, except for post-COVID recovery PPLNs and PPLNs with special health conditions.

In addition, the regulation of booster obligations as a condition for PPLN to enter Indonesia has also been regulated.

Regulations have also been provided for adjusting the requirements for differences between PPLNs based on vaccination status.

In detail, PPLNs are required to vaccinate a second dose with exceptions for children aged less than 18 years, holders of official residence permits and diplomatic residence permits, KITAS and KITAP holders, PPLN Post-COVID recovery, and PPLNs with special health conditions.

Then symptom screening for all PPLN at the entry point and RT PCR confirmation examination for PPLN detected at the entry point having symptoms related to COVID-19 and/or body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, adjustments to the vaccination policy at the entry point include adding options for the types of doses available. The vaccination service at the entry point for Indonesian citizens will be borne by the government. Meanwhile, foreigners are required to have a booster in the country of departure.

“Especially for foreigners, even though this rule will apply later, the requirements will remain the same as now where there must be a complete vaccine and only those with symptoms will be examined. For foreigners who will enter Indonesia and then become PPDN and still have complete vaccines or have not boosted, they must do testing like PPDN WNI,” explained Wiku.