International Tourist to Bali Targeted to Reach 1 Million People in 2023

International Tourists Enjoying Sunset in Bali

Along with the economic recovery, Bali’s tourism sector is starting to show signs of revival. By looking at the worldwide popularity of the Pulau Dewata, international tourist arrivals are targeted to reach one million people in 2023.

This target comes from the Bali Provincial Tourism Office. They target foreign tourist arrivals to reach one million people and domestic tourists to reach seven million people in 2023.

The Head of the Tourism Marketing Division of the Bali Tourism Office, Ida Ayu Indah, said that the target for tourist arrivals in 2023 had already been discussed in 2022.

Ayu Indah said that the target was admittedly relatively small because in 2022 the rules for Foreign Travelers (PPLN) to Bali during the Covid-19 pandemic were still unclear or changing. This is what makes the target of tourist visits adjusted.

Apart from that, the target of one million international tourist visits also sees the impact of the global recession which in the future could disrupt the world economy and impact foreign tourist visits to Bali. Thus, the Bali Tourism Office focuses more on visits by foreign tourists to the Island of the Gods.

Even so, she is optimistic that international tourist visits to Bali will exceed one million in 2023. Because, in 2022, his party is targeting only 500 thousand foreign tourist visits to Bali, but even exceeded the target, reaching more than 2 million.

“But we are still optimistic that we will achieve more than one million. Because in 2022 the total will be more than one million, now foreign tourists are arriving quite a bit, up to 10 to 12 thousand per day. It is likely that by the end of 2023, there will be more than one million,” said Beautiful Ayu.

On the other hand, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Wamenparekraf), Angela Tanoesoedibjo, also expressed the same thing. She said his party had big targets, including tourist visits in 2023.

For the mobility of domestic tourists, it is targeted to reach 1.2-1.4 billion movements, then foreign tourists with a target of 3.5-7.4 million visits, and tourism foreign exchange of 2.07-5.95 billion US dollars.

Another target from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy next year is the added value of the gross domestic product (GDP) of IDR 1,279 trillion with exports of 26.46 billion US dollars, then the workforce absorbed in the tourism sector is 22.4 million and 22. 59 million people in the creative economy sector.

According to her, the tourism and creative economy (parekraf) sectors have a large multiplier effect, so if Indonesia advances the parekraf sector, it will bring prosperity to the people of the country broadly.