Breaking News: Cianjur Earthquake Death Victims Reaches 46 People.

Breaking News: Cianjur Earthquake Death Victims Reaches 162 People. (Ikbal Selamet/detikcom)

Cianjur is grieving! The 5.6 M earthquakes centered in Sukabumi have so far caused as many as 46 people died, and at least 700 people were injured. This was conveyed by the Head of the National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure (BNPB), Lt. Gen. Suharyanto.

“The updates we convey will continue to grow, especially the number of victims and the number of injured, we just received information and the Cianjur Regent has conveyed, now there are 46 people who have died, and are already in the Cianjur District Hospital and approximately 700- and people are injured. These are injuries, mostly broken bones as a result of being hit by debris,” said Suharyanto, Monday (21/11/2022).

“Let’s just imagine that it happened during the day and people live in houses that cannot withstand earthquakes, as soon as there is an earthquake it immediately collapses. This is our joint homework on how to prepare earthquake-resistant houses that are now standing,” he continued.

The victims who died and were injured were found dead in Cilaku District, Cianjur District, Limbangan Sari Village, and Cigeunang District. He said updates would be delivered periodically.

“This information will continue to develop because data collection related to victims cannot be carried out quickly because the number of victims will continue to increase.

Regarding material losses, 343 houses were heavily damaged, 1 Islamic boarding school was heavily damaged and the Cianjur Hospital was moderately damaged.

Damage to public facilities whose level of damage is still being identified includes 4 government buildings, 3 educational facilities, and 1 place of worship.

“There were 343 damaged houses, 1 Islamic boarding school, 1 Cianjur Hospital, 4 government buildings damaged, 3 educational facilities damaged, 1 worship facility damaged, 1 shop unit, 1 cafe unit, and there was a cut off-road around the pond. horse,” he said.

To note, An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 centered in Sukabumi, Monday (21/11/2022) afternoon, was felt as far as Jakarta. According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG), the epicenter of the earthquake was located at coordinates 6.86° South Latitude; 107.01° East, or to be precise, located on land in the Sukalarang area, Sukabumi, West Java, at a depth of 11 km.

At 13.21.10 WIB the Sukabumi area, West Java was rocked by a tectonic earthquake. The results of the BMKG analysis show that this earthquake has an updated parameter with a magnitude of M5.6.

The epicenter of the earthquake is located at coordinates 6.86° S; 107.01° East, or to be precise, located on land in the Sukalarang area, Sukabumi, West Java at a depth of 11 km.

Taking into account the location of the epicenter and the depth of the hypocenter, the earthquake that occurred was a type of shallow earthquake due to the activity of the Cimandiri fault.