Indonesian People Are Increasingly Interested in Smart Home

Smart Home Features (dekoruma)

Smart home that have useful features seem to be increasingly in demand by the people of Indonesia. This is because the advanced features offered can meet household needs. Good news for property developers! Country Manager, Marine Novita, said that smart home features could attract the interest of home seekers if they offered real benefits, such as efficiency and security.

“Other use cases of smart homes, for example for residential owners who rent out their unit for a short duration, can facilitate the check-in and check-out process with access that can be arranged remotely,” he said.

Smart home or smart home is a term for technology in the housing sector that allows residents to control their houses remotely.

Through this feature, residents can control room temperature, lighting, access to home security, TV, and more remotely or through certain sensors.

According to Marine, the selection of technology provider vendors can also increase credibility and trust in smart home systems.

Moreover, based on the results of the Consumer Sentiment Study H2 2022 survey, environmental aspects and health aspects are important factors that are currently of great concern to home seekers.

The survey results show that 83 percent of survey respondents are willing to pay more to own a property with a smart home system.

Besides that, Marine emphasized, in general interest and consideration in buying a house is of course still determined by location and price.

Furthermore, the property sector is showing positive enthusiasm at the end of 2022 as seen by an increase in interest in buying property by 18 percent in semester II/2022. CEO, Mart Polman said, despite being hit by various issues ranging from the threat of recession, and inflation, to an increase in Bank Indonesia’s benchmark interest rate, the property sector still shows high resilience.

“This is seen from our data which shows an 18 percent growth in interest in property searches in semester 2, compared to semester 1 this year,” said Mart, Tuesday (6/12/2022).

According to him, the high interest in buying property is increasingly driven by stimulus in the form of extending the 0 percent down payment until the end of 2023.