Jabodebek LRT Gains Popularity, Passengers Reach 1.4 Million in April 2024

This Year, LRT Jabodebek Aims to Serve 69,000 Daily Passengers
This Year, LRT Jabodebek Aims to Serve 69,000 Daily Passengers

The Jabodebek LRT is becoming increasingly favored as a mode of everyday transportation by the public. In April, the number of users reached 1,402,933, marking a 2% increase from March’s 1,380,044.

On weekdays, an average of 64,365 people utilize the LRT, while weekends see approximately 26,650 users. Mahendro Trang Bawono, Manager of Public Relations for the Jabodebek LRT, highlighted the consistent monthly increase in users throughout 2024.

“From January to April 2024, the Jabodebek LRT has seen continuous growth. April alone witnessed a significant 16% increase compared to January,” Mahendro stated on Thursday (2/5/2024).

Mahendro attributed this growth to the public’s trust in the LRT service, supported by initiatives like promotional fares from the Ministry of Transportation. The frequency of LRT trips also contributes to its popularity.

“KAI believes this upward trend will continue as public confidence in this mode of transportation grows, despite it being operational for less than a year,” he added.

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Expressing gratitude for the public’s trust, KAI commits to enhancing the Jabodebek LRT service to meet expectations and support government efforts to alleviate traffic congestion and reduce air pollution.

Meanwhile, efforts to accelerate LRT line construction, including Jakarta’s LRT Phase 1B, are underway.

Initiated by the Central Government and Jakarta Provincial Government, this project aligns with the master plan outlined in Presidential Regulation 55 of 2018 and Jakarta’s LRT loopline planning.

The construction serves as a solution to traffic congestion and air pollution while enhancing integration of public transportation services.

A significant milestone was reached with the first girder beam lifting in the Pemuda Street area, Rawamangun, adjacent to the Jakarta International Velodrome (JIV) and Arion Mall.