Jakarta Minimum Wage only Increased Below IDR 50.000


The Ministry of Manpower has announced the results of the minimum wage (UMP and UMK ) 2022 values ​​based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). According to the data, the Jakarta 2022 UMP is still the highest. While on the other hand, the lowest UMP value is in the Central Java region.

“Statistical data for the Minimum Wage, Central Java’s lowest UMP is IDR 1,813,011 and DKI Jakarta’s highest UMP is IDR 4,453,724. The average UMP adjustment is 1.09 percent,” said Director General of Industrial Relations and Labor Social Security, Indah Anggoro Putri in Open Seminar on the 2022 Minimum Wage Determination Process virtually, Monday (15/11/2021).

If we compare Jakarta 2022 UMP and Jakarta 2021 UMP, it’s only increased by approximately IDR 37,500. For your information, Jakarta 2021 UMP is Rp. 4,416,186

The highest economic growth was obtained by North Maluku with an increase of 12.76%. The lowest economic growth was Bali -5.83%. Bangka Belitung’s highest inflation was 3.29% and Papua’s lowest was -0.40%.

Meanwhile, regarding the Regency/City Minimum Wage, from 24 Provinces there are 26 Provinces that have set the UMK. Of the regencies/cities in 26 provinces, 255 regencies/cities have set the UMK. “However, there are 42 MSEs that have not been adjusted to the details,” she explained.

As a result, the highest increase in UMK value was in the Palu City of Rp. 174,840 and the lowest increase in UMK was in North Padang Lawas Regency of Rp. 277.

He emphasized that the minimum wage is a wage instrument for novice workers, not for all levels of workers in the company.

“This is perhaps what is not commonly understood, this minimum wage is set for workers with a working period of less than 1 year. Above 1 year, a wage scale structure is used,” said Ida in a working meeting with Commission IX of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Monday (15/11/). 2021).

The number of workers whose working period is less than 12 months is approximately 1-2 million people per year. The rest of the workers have a working period of more than 12 months, of course, there will be adjustments based on the structure of the wage scale at the company.

“You can imagine that fresh graduates with work experience for 1-12 months are still not high, so this minimum wage is really the lowest wage set by the government and is indeed intended for workers with a working period of fewer than 12 months,”

Source: finance detik,cnbc