Jakarta Transitional PSBB is Extended until November 22

anies baswedan

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has again extended the transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) period. The PSBB for the transitional period in DKI Jakarta is extended for 14 days.

The Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, delivered the statement of the transitional PSBB extension directly through the Jakarta PPID press release, Sunday (8/11/2020). The extension will start from Monday, November 9, until November 22, 2020.

“As we all know, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government can implement an emergency brake policy if there is a significant increase in corona cases or an alarming level of transmission that endangering health system services,” Anies said.

“However, based on epidemiological data during the implementation of the PSBB in this transitional period, the condition of the Covid-19 outbreak in Jakarta is more controlled and towards to the safe category,” he added.

Anies reminded residents to remain vigilant about the current conditions. Health protocol still must be considered.

“In fact, we have to be more vigilant now. Do not let the condition of transmission slow down and then become undisciplined. Remember, transmission still occurs even though it is slowing down. Thus, we must continue to discipline health protocols,” said Anies.

The decree is also stated in the DKI Jakarta Governor’s Decree number 1100/2020. The Governor’s Decree regulates the extension of the large-scale social restriction period during the transition period to cape a healthy, safe, and productive society.