Luxury Car Sales Weak in Early 2022


Car sales in retail sales of January 2022 reached 78,568 units. This figure actually shows a growth of 45.5 percent compared to 53,997 units in the same period last year. However, this increase is not seen in the premium car segment or expensive cars.

Premium car brands on the list of the Association of Motor Vehicle Industries (Gaikindo) experienced a decline in retail sales.

However, BMW is the only luxury car that experienced a growth of 13 percent (YoY) compared to last year. During January 2022, BMW sold 190 units of cars, while in the same period last year it was 168 units.

Luxury Car

The increase in sales by BMW is not followed by Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz retail sales in January fell 34 percent YoY compared to last year to 126 units, whereas in January 2021 Mercedes-Benz sold 192 units.

Lexus experienced the most severe decline in sales. In January 2021, Lexus recorded sales of 28 cars, of which in January 2022 it could only sell 2 units.

Then there is also the MINI. Although MINI is under the auspices of the BMW Group, MINI is not reaping the same growth as BMW. MINI experienced a 90 percent decline by selling 4 units, while in January 2021 MINI sold 40 units.

Furthermore, Audi was only able to sell one unit in January this year. This German car company recorded the same sales as the same period last year.

The following is a list of luxury car sales in Indonesia based on data from Gaikindo retail sales for the January 2022 period:

  1. BMW -190 units
  2. Mercedes-Benz -126 units
  3. Lexus- 2 units
  4. MINI – 4 units
  5. Audi – 1 unit