Microsoft Develops Smart Fabric That Can Detect Types of Food


Microsoft and researchers at several universities have reportedly developed a smart fabric system called Capacitivo. This fabric is said to be able to detect and recognize objects that are placed on it. This means that by placing the food, the fabric will be able to identify the type of food and may even be able to provide suggestions for dishes that match the food. This cloth can also plan a diet program.

Apart from food, Capacitivo can also detect other objects such as liquids or non-metallic objects.

Reported by detikINET from Ubergizmo, Monday (26/10/2020) according to Microsoft based on a small study of 10 people, they involved the use of 20 different objects. The result was that Capacitivo managed to achieve an accuracy rate of 94.5%. The numbers were certainly quite impressive, although small studies did not necessarily show success in identifying all kinds of objects, even though the initial tests seemed good.

It is an interesting development and it is not yet known what Microsoft plans to do with the results of this research. Apart from Microsoft, companies like Google are also trying out smart clothes and fabrics, namely Project Jacquard.