Ministry of Industry Ensures Smooth Verification Process for Electric Motorcycle Purchase Assistance

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The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) has reaffirmed that the verification process for the Electric Motorcycle Purchase Assistance Information System (Sisapira) is running smoothly and without any issues.

Yan Sibarang Tandiele, the Deputy Director General for Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment, and Electronics Industry (ILMATE) at the Ministry of Industry, assures that the system is functioning seamlessly. He highlights that Sisapira is equipped with efficient integration with relevant institutions, allowing for swift information matching.

Yan explains, “Sisapira faces no hindrances as the applicant visits the dealer, as the dealer can promptly verify the applicant’s information. The data integration within the system enables the dealer to quickly authenticate the applicant, thus facilitating the process of providing sales discounts.”

While acknowledging that there is a time lag in issuing the vehicle registration certificate (STNK) after the verification process is completed, Yan clarifies that it is necessary to follow the established procedures. Once the STNK is issued, applicants become eligible to claim the discounts provided by the Ministry of Industry.

Yan elaborates, “After the verification is completed, we can promptly confirm the eligibility of applicants. However, there is a time gap required for the STNK processing. Once the STNK is issued, applicants can avail themselves of the discount claim.”

Yan emphasizes that the criteria for receiving the electric motorcycle subsidy do not impede the assistance process. He further clarifies that the relatively slow pace of purchasing subsidized electric motorcycles is not attributed to any issues with the system or the eligibility criteria.

Explaining the reasons behind the perceived delay, Yan notes that electric motorcycles are still relatively new in the market, and the public considers factors such as the availability of after-sales services and the network of Service, Maintenance, and Charging (SPKLU) stations when making purchasing decisions.

“These criteria do not hinder the assistance process. Electric motorcycles and cars are relatively new to us, and several factors, including the availability of workshop networks and SPKLU stations, need to be taken into account,” Yan affirms.

As of Monday afternoon (May 29, 2023), Sisapira has received a total of 611 applicants since the effective start of electric motorcycle purchases on May 10, 2023. Out of these applicants, 609 have been included in the list of potential buyers, and 2 have successfully completed the verification process.