Qatar Will Turn Lionel Messi’s Former Room Into a Museum

Lionel Messi's room during the 2022 World Cup at Qatar University

The football Mega Star Lionel Messi managed to establish himself as one of the most accomplished footballers in the world after bringing Argentina to win the 2022 World Cup. Lionel Messi’s charm even made his former room in Qatar to be turned into a museum.

Qatar University has announced that the room Lionel Messi occupied during the 2022 World Cup will be turned into a museum. The Argentina national team is staying at Qatar University during the 2022 World Cup. From the group phase until they won the title, Team Tango has never moved its headquarters from that location.

Argentina could actually just stay at a five-star hotel in Qatar. However, the Argentine federation reportedly wants to make the players’ accommodation feel comfortable. As a result, Qatar University was chosen to be its headquarters during the 2022 World Cup.

Through their Twitter account, they announced that the room occupied by Argentina national team captain Lionel Messi will be closed to the public.

Qatar University will not rent out the room Messi used. They will also conjure up the room to become a small museum for students or foreign tourists.

Director of Communications and Public Relations of Qatar University Hitmi Al Hitmi said all the things left by Messi would not be changed.

“Lionel Messi’s Argentina national team player room will not change and will remain available only for visitors and not for residents, as it will serve as a small museum containing all of Messi’s belongings and will be a legacy for students and students. Future generations and witness the great achievements that Messi has achieved during the World Cup,” said Al Hitmi as quoted by Marca, Wednesday (28/12/2022).

Qatar University was chosen by the Argentina national team so that the players can gather together while enjoying a barbecue like in their own hometown. La Albiceleste is reported to have brought 900 kilograms of meat to Qatar so that the players’ appetite is maintained.

The convenience of Qatar University is said to be one of the factors that made the Argentine national team win the World Cup again 36 years ago.