Anticipated Christmas and New Year Holidays Surge Projected to Boost Economy by IDR 120 Trillion

Anticipated Christmas and New Year Holidays Surge Projected to Boost Economy by IDR 120 Trillion
Anticipated Christmas and New Year Holidays Surge Projected to Boost Economy by IDR 120 Trillion

The festive air of Christmas 2023 and the upcoming New Year 2024 is ushering in a renewed sense of mobility among the Indonesian populace, a stark contrast to the past few years marked by the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic. This anticipated surge in holiday activities is not merely a cause for celebration but is also projected to inject a substantial boost to the national economy, estimated to contribute an impressive IDR 120 trillion.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, shared his insights on this economic impetus, stating, “There is an anticipated contribution ranging from IDR 80 trillion to IDR 120 trillion, set to propel economic activities,” as reported by Antara on Wednesday (27/12/2023).

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) anticipates a notable increase in visitor numbers during the Nataru 2024 season, with projections ranging from 107 to 110 million individuals partaking in various holiday-related activities. This surge, according to Sandiaga, is expected to amplify two to two and a half times more than initially estimated.

Breaking down these numbers, Sandiaga Uno projects a substantial movement of domestic tourists, ranging from 200 to 250 million, each contributing an estimated expenditure of IDR 2.4 to IDR 2.5 million per visit, based on data provided by BPS.

Expressing his optimism, the former Deputy Governor of Jakarta hopes that the influx of domestic tourists will play a pivotal role in energizing economic activities, aligning seamlessly with the government’s ambitious goals of achieving a growth rate surpassing 5 percent and creating 4.4 million new jobs within the tourism and creative economy sector by the year 2024.

In light of these expectations, Sandiaga encourages the public to explore the wealth of local tourism opportunities, presenting them as compelling alternatives amidst the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in various overseas destinations. Beyond offering delightful culinary experiences, traveling within Indonesia serves as a tangible means of supporting local economies and provides an immersive encounter with diverse culinary delights and comfortable atmospheres.

Drawing attention to specific locales such as Pantjoran Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), Jakarta, Sandiaga highlights the opportunity for tourists to savor a multitude of international cuisines, including Japanese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese fare.

“I also recommend exploring Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, as it boasts exciting new features and embraces a green, inclusive, and intelligent concept,” encourages Sandiaga.

While celebrating the prospects of heightened Christmas and new year holiday activities, Sandiaga Uno issues a prudent reminder concerning the resurfacing of Covid-19 cases in select ASEAN nations. He urges the public to consider safety measures, including the use of masks, hand hygiene, and maintaining physical distance, to ensure a healthy and secure holiday experience during Nataru 2024.

“I earnestly hope that tourists remain committed to adhering to health protocols, ensuring not only their well-being but also their safety. Let the Christmas and New Year holidays unfold seamlessly, marked by safety, comfort, joy, and economic vibrancy,” concludes Sandiaga Uno.