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Indonesia’s Trade Balance Records Surplus for 32 Consecutive Months

Post-Covid-19 economic recovery is going well. Based on data from Bank Indonesia (BI), Indonesia's trade balance has managed to record a surplus trend since...

April Would Be the Peak of Indonesia’s Inflation Rate in 2023

The 2023 inflation rate peak is predicted to happen from March to April. This can be seen historically from year to year, where the...

India Can Be Indonesia’s Savior

Demand from Indonesia's main trading partners, China and the United States, is declining. This can have an impact on the national economy. Fortunately, India...

Indonesia Is Already on the Right Track to Becoming a Developed...

The Indonesian economy is relatively stable amidst global uncertainty. This shows a stronger power. Indonesia is even said to be on the right track...

BI Predicts There Will Be an Economic Slowdown in 2023

Bank Indonesia (BI) predicts that there will be an economic slowdown in 2023. BI even estimates that the Indonesian economy will grow by 4.37%...

Asian Economic Outlook Drops to 4%

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its projection for Asian economic growth to 4 percent in 2022. This figure is due to some...

The World Is Full of Uncertainty, But Investors Still Trust Indonesia

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, reiterated that the world is in a state of uncertainty. Dark clouds shadow the world economy. However, he...

Vice President: Dark Clouds Are Covering The World

The world is being shrouded by “dark clouds”. This was conveyed by the Vice President, Maruf Amin. He said that the world economic situation...

Jokowi: Indonesia’s Economy Is the Highest Among G20 Countries

Indonesia needs to be grateful when many other regions are in a slump. This is because national economic growth is still the highest among...

Indonesian Economic Growth Projection Increased to 5.4%

The Indonesian economy continues to record positive results. This time, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) raised its projection for Indonesia's economic growth this year...



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