Rely on High Technology, Indonesia Will Be Victorious in the Maritime Sector


The “Blue Economy” program is being carefully planned by the Indonesian government. The program has also been inaugurated by President Joko Widodo. Therefore, the Central Maritime Zone Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) increases synergy with agencies at sea to make the blue economy program a success.

The blue economy is a water resource optimization plan that aims to increase economic growth through various innovative and creative activities but still ensure business and environmental sustainability.

This was confirmed by the Head of the Central Maritime Zone Kamla Office, Admiral Bakamla Hanarko Djodi Pamungkas when receiving a working visit from the Head of the Bitung Marine and Fishery Resources Monitoring Base (PSDKP) Harlym Raya Maharbhakti in Manado City, North Sulawesi.

“The RI Bakamla and PSDKP have the same vision to oversee the implementation of the blue economy program in the marine and fisheries sector,” said Admiral Djodi, in a written statement received in Jakarta, Saturday.

According to him, increasing synergy is needed so that the management of marine and fishery resources runs in an orderly manner so that the supervisory task is carried out in an integrated manner.

“This needs to be done together so that the management of marine and fishery resources runs in an orderly and responsible manner as well as the utilization of marine and fishery resources that prioritizes aspects of sustainability and sustainability,” he said.

Admiral Djodi conveyed the main tasks and functions of Bakamla in the Central Maritime Zone Working Area which includes 12 provinces located on the Indonesian Archipelagic Sea Lane (ALKI) II route.

He revealed plans to strengthen Bakamla’s monitoring system in 2022. He said currently Bakamla will build 11 Early Warning System Offices in the Central Maritime Zone Region.

Head of PSDKP Base Harlym Raya Maharbhakti stated the purpose and objective of his working visit was to increase the synergy between Bakamla RI Central Zone and PSDKP Bitung to carry out integrated supervision in the implementation of the blue economy program.

He explained that integrated supervision prioritizes synergy between agencies at sea, preparedness of human resources, facilities, and surveillance technology systems.

During the visit, Laksma Djodi was accompanied by the Head of Central Zone Inhuker Col. Bakamla Elly J. Sumampouw, Head of Central Zone Colonel Deddy Soeprapto, and the Head of Central Zone Operations Colonel Bakamla Tio Togap Pasaribu.