Second Home Visa: Living in Indonesia for 10 Years!

Living in Indonesia for 10 Years using Second Home Visa

A new type of visa has been issued. The Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, on Tuesday (25/10/2022) officially launched a second home visa policy for foreign nationals. This visa allows them to stay in Indonesia for up to 10 years. Then, what are the requirements?

The second home visa’s policy is stated in Circular (SE) Number IMI-0740.GR.01.01, 2022, concerning the granting of visas and limited second home residence permits issued on October 25, 2022.

“Towards the implementation of the G20 Summit, today we officially launched a second home visa. The goal is to attract foreign tourists to Bali and various other destinations,” explained the Acting Director General of Immigration, Widodo Ekatjahjana, at the launch of the second home visa in Canggu, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

The subject of the second home visa is certain foreigners or former Indonesian citizens (WNI) who want to stay and contribute positively to the Indonesian economy.

Widodo said that with a second home visa, foreigners can stay for 5 or 10 years and carry out various activities such as investing, working, and other activities.

This policy is also expected to be able to attract more freelancers and foreign remote workers or who are later known as digital nomads to live in Bali or other destinations in Indonesia.

Furthermore, to be able to obtain a second home visa, one of the requirements that must be possessed by foreigners is, among other things, proof of funds in the form of an account belonging to a foreigner or guarantor with a value of at least IDR 2 billion or equivalent.

Applications for a second home visa can be made via a website-based application or ( Then, the required document is a valid nationality passport, and it is still valid for at least 36 months.

Foreigners must also submit a recent color photograph with a size of 4 cm x 6 cm with a white background and a curriculum vitae.

The Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP) rate for second home visa applicants is IDR 3,000,000 following the provisions in the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 2 of 2022.

PNBP rates Payment for second-home visas can be made outside the territory of Indonesia through the available PNBP payment portals.

Widodo stressed that this policy will take effect 60 days after the circular letter was issued.

“This immigration policy is one of the non-fiscal incentives that can be a stimulus for certain foreigners to stay and contribute positively to the Indonesian economy amidst increasingly dynamic global economic conditions,” he said.