The Bali Return Movement Being Promoted, Tourists Will be Given Free Swab Test

Penglipuran Village, Bali
Penglipuran Village, Bali

A number of people in Bali, ranging from influencers to local Balinese artists, echo the Bali KemBali  (the Bali Return) movement. This action is to help the government restore the economy and tourism in Bali.

The Bali KemBali Movement itself aims to accommodate the public’s need for clear information related to COVID-19. Also, they want to provide awareness to the public regarding health protocols.

“So the Bali Movement itself is a pure movement of the Balinese people who yearn for or want the recovery process from the economy, tourism and the welfare so that it can recover soon,” the Bali KemBali General Coordinator, AA Made Dewandra Reinhard, said to reporters, Sunday (15/11/2020).

In addition, according to Dewandra, the Bali KemBali movement is expected to help open up international tourists to Bali. One of the conditions for Bali to be reopened to foreign tourists is Bali must become a green zone first.

“That’s why, we gathered some volunteers from influencers. There are celebrities, artists, and all kinds of artists in Bali. We unite for us to promote what is good for Bali, starting from the economy and the health side to accelerate the opening of Bali,” he said.

What has been done by volunteers in the Bali KemBali movement is to conduct a free swab test for the visitors. The free swab test provided is support from the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB).

“The earliest thing is for sure we will have free swabs in several other places in collaboration with BNPB. BNPB has already prepared the tools, we just need to do the rest,” Dewandra continued.

Meanwhile, the target of swab tests supported by BNPB is targeted at 100 people per day. Swab tests will be prioritized for tourists in Bali.

“BNPB will provide the swab test for one hundred people per day. However BNPB said the local government will add more. Then we will follow it, we will definitely follow,” Dewandra said.

“From the beginning, tourists were the most prioritized. The government said yesterday that they would open the Nusa Dua area earlier. We will try to monitor Nusa Dua,” he added

“At the same time Angkasa Pura will also support. Furthermore they will be able to give free swab test to a thousand people whenever the Bali KemBali program wants to start,” Dewandra added.