The Duration of Instagram Live Will Be Extended Up To 4 Hours

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Instagram plans to make adjustments to some of its features. This is done in line with changing of activity patterns which have now switched into virtual activities because of pandemic. One of the adjustments that will be implemented by Instagram is increasing the maximum duration of the Instagram Live feature. If previously the Instagram Live feature could only be done in one hour, now Instagram will extend the duration of the live broadcast to 4 hours. The time adjustment is considered to be able to help users hold virtual activities, such as holding concerts or online fan meeting events.

The Instagram Live feature itself is called one of the features most widely used by many users. Even long before the Covid-19 pandemic, Instagram recorded a 70 percent increase in the use of the Instagram Live feature in the US.

In addition to increase the duration of the Live feature, Instagram will later be able to temporarily store Live videos for 30 days. Specifically, the video will be saved automatically after broadcast on IGTV. This feature is similar to the archive feature on Feed or Stories. The difference is, Live videos will be permanently deleted after 30 days of storage. During that time, users have the right to download Live videos and upload them on other social media, such as on Facebook, YouTube, or even TikTok. Reportedly, this feature will be introduced in May 2021.

Then in early November, Instagram will open new avenues for creators to increase their income through monetization. In the Live feature, users can later buy a ‘badge’ from the Live host. The badge can be given as a token of appreciation for the Live organizer. Because it is still in the testing phase, this feature will only be applied to 50,000 content creators on Instagram. The badges can be purchased at prices ranging from $1 to $5.