The Netherlands Will Apply a Limited Lockdown to Cope with Corona Virus Surge

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The Netherlands will implement a limited lockdown starting on Wednesday (14/10). This policy was taken to suppress the covid-19 case.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that in the policy, restaurants and bars will be closed. In addition, alcohol sales are also limited to a maximum of 8pm to reduce social interaction.

“This hurts, but this is the only way. We have to be stricter,” Rutte said in a press conference quoted by AFP on Wednesday (14/10). Routte also obliged citizens over the age of 13 to wear non-medical masks in indoor rooms.

Over the past two weeks, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control noted that the Netherlands was the 3rd highest new cases per 100,000 populations in Europe. The position of the Netherlands is behind the Czech Republic and Belgium.

The Dutch Ministry of Health noted that new cases of Covid-19 set a daily record with 7,393 cases on Wednesday (14/10). During the past week, the number of new cases was recorded at 43,903 cases with 150 deaths.