The President Conducts State Visit to Australia, Invites Investors to Invest in Indonesia

The President Conducts State Visit to Australia, Invites Investors to Invest in Indonesia (photo: Sekretariat Presiden)

President Joko Widodo, or Jokowi, embarked on an official state visit to Australia on the 4th of April, 2023. The primary objective of this visit, as emphasized by the President himself, is to enhance the economic cooperation between the two nations.

During the initial stages of the state visit, President Jokowi’s agenda revolved around engaging with prominent CEOs and leaders of leading Australian companies on the 4th of July, 2023. The President extended an invitation to these influential figures, urging them to consider investing in Indonesia’s priority sectors.

President Jokowi, expressing unwavering confidence in Indonesia’s potential, emphasized the country’s status as an optimal investment partner within the Southeast Asian region. He highlighted the nation’s abundant natural resources, demographic advantages, vast market size, and unwavering economic and political stability as key factors contributing to its attractiveness for potential investors.

The President elucidated the first priority sector, emphasizing the immense potential for collaboration between Indonesia and Australia in the development of the electric vehicle industry. With plans to commence EV battery production in the coming year and target milestones of manufacturing one million electric cars and 3.2 million electric motorcycles by 2035, Indonesia has set its sights on establishing itself as a key player in this burgeoning sector.

Additionally, President Jokowi underscored Indonesia’s remarkable potential in the realm of green energy. The country boasts an astonishing 434 gigawatts of untapped renewable energy capacity from sources such as wind, water, geothermal, biofuel, and solar power. This significant potential has driven the establishment of a sprawling 30,000-hectare green industrial park, further exemplifying Indonesia’s commitment to sustainable development.

Furthermore, the President shed light on the ongoing construction of the Indonesian Capital City (IKN), designed as a smart city intertwining the concepts of nature and sustainable urban planning. The IKN presents a wide array of investment opportunities across multiple sectors, including education, healthcare, and energy. President Jokowi revealed that the projected value of investments within the IKN is estimated to reach a staggering US$25 billion, underscoring the immense potential for collaboration and growth.

Finally, President Jokowi turned his attention to the education and healthcare sectors, acknowledging the substantial investment potential they offer. He emphasized the annual increase in student enrollments by approximately 20 percent, illustrating the demand for quality education within the country. Additionally, he highlighted the fact that nearly two million Indonesians seek medical treatment abroad, signaling a substantial opportunity for investment in the healthcare sector.

In conclusion, President Jokowi’s state visit to Australia is poised to strengthen economic ties and foster collaboration between the two nations. The President’s strategic focus on priority sectors, such as the electric vehicle industry, green energy, the development of the Indonesian Capital City, and the education and healthcare sectors, serves as a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to sustainable development and its aspiration to attract investments that will drive the nation’s growth and prosperity.