The Total Number of Foreign Tourists to Indonesia Has Reached 3.9 Million People

Foreign Tourist

Welcome back to Indonesia! The total number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia from January to October reached 3.9 million people. The number of visits has exceeded the government’s target.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) said the target for foreign tourist visits set by the government was 3.6 million visits.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that in October 2022 there were 564,700 visits through the main entrance and 113,800 visits through the border entrance.

“If we look at the cumulative visits of foreign tourists through two entry points, the main entrance and the border, in October 2022 there were 678,500 visits, an increase of 4.57 percent [mtm],” Setianto explained, Thursday (1/12/2022).

Setianto further explained that cumulatively from January to October 2022, the number of foreign tourist visits was 3,918,516, an increase of 215.16 percent compared to January-October 2021.

Last year, during the peak of Covid-19, for the same period there were only 1,243,334 visits. Meanwhile, when compared with the 2019 achievements of 13,449,106 visits, the current number is only 29.1 percent from 2019.

Out of a total of 678,500 visits in October 2022, the most foreign tourists by nationality were from Malaysia with 106,100 visits or contributing 15.6 percent of the total visits. Meanwhile, foreign tourists from Australia took second place with 93,000 visits (13.7 percent), and Singapore with 84,500 visits (12.5 percent).

Along with the increasing number of foreign tourists, the room occupancy rate (TPK) or hotel room occupancy continues to improve.

BPS noted that in October 2022 there was an increase in occupancy by 2.29 points to 52.31 percent from September 2022. The highest star-class hotel occupancy was in East Kalimantan, (64.20 percent), followed by Lampung (61.78 percent), and D.I. Yogyakarta (61.23 percent).

Setiato revealed that the reason for the increase was that star-classified hotels were widely used for meeting agendas by the agency and local government. In addition, several events will be held in October 2022, such as the Wayang Jogja Night Carnival and the National MTQ in South Kalimantan.

As previously reported, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno is optimistic that with the economic recovery in 2022, the target for foreign tourists can be reached.

“We are optimistic that by the end of 2022 the lower limit target of 1.8 million will be exceeded, as well as the upper limit target of 3.6 million will be reached,” he was quoted as saying Wednesday (26/10/2022).

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also targets foreign tourist visits in 2023 to almost double, for the lower target of 3.5 million, while the upper target is 7.4 million foreign tourist visits.