This Reclamation Island Has Not Been Set as a Settlement after 6 Years


One of the reclamation islands in DKI Jakarta, Island G, has been neglected for about 6 years. In fact, based on the Governor’s Regulation (Pergub) Number 31 of 2022 concerning the Detailed Spatial Planning (RDTR) of the DKI Jakarta Planning Area, this island is directed to settlements.

The condition of this island is even more alarming. Plus the garbage started to contaminate due to lack of maintenance. The reclamation island area was significantly reduced due to erosion by seawater. Initially, the island has an area of ​​up to 10 hectares.

Secretary of Commission D of DKI Jakarta DPRD, Syarif said, Island G, which is the result of reclamation, now only has less than two hectares left.

“(The remaining) 1.72 of the existing 10 hectares. (Island G) was already formed in 2018 or 2017,” said Syarif quoted Monday (26/9/2022).

According to Syarif, the area reduction is thought to have occurred due to the dynamics of ocean waves that cause abrasion. This causes problems with the land management rights (HPL) of the island.

Other islands such as Island D and Island C have already been granted building rights (HGB) and HPL permits because the land size is already on target.

“The island G is because it is shrinking, it is being studied again, can HPL not be issued? The land is only 1.7 hectares,” he said.

Another problem that arises is the garbage that starts to pile up. Based on observations, organic and non-organic waste such as plastic, food/beverage packaging, and wood litter the beach area.

Moreover, due to the absence of maintenance, 70 centimeters of grass has begun to fill this island.

Chairman of Commission D of the Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD) Ida Mahmudah questioned the form of settlements to be built there.

“That has to be clarified first. It’s a residential area that really wants to build flats or is it an elite settlement,” said Ida, quoted Monday (26/9/2022).

Ida also emphasized that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government needs to consider the withdrawal of additional levies for residents of settlements on Island G.

Meanwhile, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Department of Human Settlements, Land and Spatial Planning, Heru Hermawanto, explained that the purpose of the G Island area is to be directed to settlements. Heru said, Island G has not yet been confirmed for settlement. Because the designation of Island G will still be regulated by regional regulations.