Greeting Isra Mi’raj and Chinese New Year, Whoosh High-Speed Train Extends Trips to 48

whoosh high-speed train
whoosh high-speed train (photo: Yasuyoshi CHIBA/AFP)

As the extended holiday season approaches, marked by the celebration of Isra Mi’raj and the onset of the Chinese New Year, KCIC has announced an expansion in the number of Whoosh High-Speed Train services. This initiative aims to cater to the heightened travel demands during the festive period, ensuring convenience for commuters across the region. With the addition of 8 extra trips per day, the total number of daily Whoosh High-Speed Train schedules has surged to 48, providing ample options for travelers.

The decision to increase services comes amidst overwhelming ticket sales, particularly for journeys along the Halim-Tegalluar route, where most seats are already sold out for the period starting February 8, 2024. Passenger occupancy for other routes remains consistently above 70%, indicating a robust demand for travel.

To accommodate passengers who may have missed out on securing tickets, especially for travel dates on February 8, 2024, KCIC has urged individuals to utilize official booking channels promptly. These include the Whoosh mobile application, the website, Ticket Vending Machines, and authorized ticket counters at stations, as well as affiliated platforms like Access by KAI, Livin by Mandiri, BRImo, and BNI Mobile Banking.

In addition to enhancing travel options, KCIC has forged partnerships with various tourism, culinary, and lodging establishments to offer exclusive promotions and discounts to Whoosh passengers.

Travelers can capitalize on these deals to explore 12 renowned destinations surrounding Whoosh stations, ranging from picturesque landscapes to delectable dining experiences.

Furthermore, KCIC’s Corporate Secretary GM Eva Chairunisa emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of passengers during peak travel periods.

She highlighted the proactive measures taken to continuously assess and optimize service offerings, ensuring seamless and enjoyable travel experiences for all passengers.

Eva also underscored the integral role of Whoosh in fostering connectivity and accessibility across the region, with the high-speed train seamlessly integrated with various modes of transportation. From LRT Jabodebek and Feeder Trains to the Greater Bandung Commuter Line and Bus Rapid Transit, passengers have a plethora of options to seamlessly navigate their way to their desired destinations.

The surge in demand for Whoosh services underscores the public’s growing confidence and reliance on high-speed rail as a preferred mode of transportation. With its unmatched speed, reliability, and connectivity, Whoosh is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of travel in the region, facilitating seamless journeys and unlocking new opportunities for exploration and adventure.