Road Widening on Cikampek Toll Road Potentially Causes Congestion


PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., is widening the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road. This road widening aims to increase the number of lanes from three lanes to four lanes. Jasa Marga stated that this development has the potential to cause heavy traffic jams.

Jasa Marga, through a press release, it is announced that PT Jasamarga Transjawa Toll is continuing the road widening construction project on the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road. Work is taking place in two directions, both to Jakarta and Cikampek.

The construction point is between Km 62 Dawuan and Km 50 East Karawang towards Jakarta and between Km 50 East Karawang and Km 67 Dawuan Interchange towards Cikampek.

Meanwhile, for the widening work towards Jakarta, work is currently being completed in the outer shoulder area as well as in the interchange area and main road Karawang Timur up to the Km 52 rest area.

Jasa Marga’s Corporate Communication and Community Development Group Head Lisye Octaviana said the road widening project has the potential to cause vehicle congestion.

In anticipation of congestion leading to congestion, Jasa Marga has prepared several mitigations including diversion of traffic before the work area, narrowing the work area, installing warning signs, and placing directional officers.

“As well as coordinating with the Police in this case the Highway Patrol (PJR),” said Lisye.

Lisye added, that to ensure that this information is well received by road users, Jasa Marga continues to socialize this work by installing outdoor media in the form of banners calling for lane widening work and Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) on the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road towards Jakarta and Cikampek.

The main objective of road widening is to reduce potential congestion at the meeting point of traffic flows from the MBZ Flyover and Jakarta Cikampek Toll Road at Km 48, as well as traffic from the Cipularang Toll Road at Km 66.

“Since the end of May, Jasa Marga has also started widening the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road which leads to Cikampek in stages, approximately 17 km long, from Km 50 to Km 67,” he explained.

Furthermore, she said, the entire construction of the road widening work both in the direction of Jakarta and the direction of Cikampek is expected to support Jasa Marga’s optimal service to road users during the homecoming and return period of Christmas 2022 and New Year’s Day 2023.