President Applauds Progress as MRT Jakarta Phase 2A Surpasses Construction Milestones

MRT Jakarta phase 2 construction
MRT Jakarta phase 2 construction

President Joko Widodo, commonly known as Jokowi, expressed satisfaction with the smooth progress of the MRT Jakarta phase 2A. His positive remarks came during a visit to the MRT Jakarta Phase 2A Project at Monas Station in Jakarta on Friday (15/12/2023).

Commending the ongoing development, Jokowi highlighted that the construction of MRT phase 2A, covering the Thamrin-Kota route, has encountered no hindrances. In fact, the construction progress has exceeded the initial planning target.

“For phase 2A, stretching from Bundaran HI to Kota, our initial target was 27%, but we’ve already reached 28.4%. Surpassing my expectations is definitely a positive sign,” stated Jokowi.

During his visit, Jokowi took a closer look at the MRT tunnel connecting Monas to Bundaran HI. He confirmed that the tunnel construction has been successfully completed and is poised to link up with phase 2B, extending from Jakarta Kota to Ancol.

Setting a goal for functionality, Jokowi envisions the operational commencement of MRT Phase 2A by the year 2027. Acknowledging the complexities of construction, especially amidst the vibrancy of Jakarta, he emphasized the challenges posed by building underground stations and tracks.

“This is no easy feat, working within the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, and constructing underground tunnels adds an extra layer of complexity,” clarified Jokowi.

The ambitious development of MRT Jakarta Phase 2A is a two-stage process. The initial stage encompasses the primary route, spanning approximately 5.8 kilometers and featuring six underground stations (Thamrin, Monas, Harmoni, Sawah Besar, Mangga Besar, Glodok), along with one at-grade station (Kota).

Moving on to the second stage, Phase 2B covers stations from Kota, Mangga Dua, Gunung Sahari, and Ancol, reaching the Depot in Ancol Barat, with a total distance of about 5.2 kilometers.

Beyond the construction of vital railway infrastructure, Phase 2’s development plan extends to the revitalization of the Gajah Mada Street—Hayam Wuruk Street area. This entails widening pedestrian walkways and cyclist paths (sidewalks) while introducing bike racks at each MRT Jakarta station. Additionally, designated points for the drop-off and pick-up of passengers, catering to non-BRT buses, vehicles transporting priority passengers, and logistics, will be incorporated.

In a bid for seamless integration, the redevelopment will also encompass Transjakarta BRT stops physically connected to the entrance of MRT Jakarta stations. This integrated approach has already been executed successfully at the Bundaran Hotel Indonesia Station, featuring the Transjakarta BRT Bundaran HI Stop.

Moreover, several buildings along the corridor will be directly linked with MRT Jakarta stations, serving as convenient passenger drop-off areas, embracing the concept of “kiss and ride.”